6 Tips on Caring for Your Iron Fence and Iron Gates

An iron fence or gate is an attractive addition to any property. But in order to keep your fences and gates looking good, they will require maintenance. To ensure that your iron gates and fences always look beautiful, keep these maintenance tips in mind.

1. Take protective measures. Wrought iron fences can rust when they are exposed to elements such as rain and humidity. While this is less of a problem in Arizona than in some other climates, it is still smart to take steps to prevent damage. You can apply a protective coat of wax to your fence to ward off rust, or simply cover your fencing with a tarp during the occasional rainstorm. If your wrought iron fence is near a pool, rust is also more likely to develop, so applying a protective sealant (which can be purchased at any hardware store) may be a good idea.

2. Paint your fence and gate. Painting your wrought iron fence and gate will also help protect them from damage. Paint creates a barrier between the iron and the air, minimizing oxidation and reducing the likelihood that rust will develop. In addition, a fresh coat of paint can make your fences and gates even more attractive. Take a look at our powder coat colors at http://www.alliedgate.com/fencing/powder-coat-options.

3. Clean your fence. You can clean dirty wrought iron fences and gates with a mixture of warm water and dish detergent. After cleaning away dirt and rust spots (use a toothbrush to get to hard-to-reach areas) rinse the fencing with water. Then, let the fencing dry completely. Cleaning your fencing will keep your wrought iron looking great and make it easier to spot any potential problems.

4. Inspect your iron fence regularly. You should regularly inspect your iron gates and fences to identify any areas in need of repair. Look for signs of rust, loose or unstable footings, cracks, or other damage. If the fence has been painted, look for chips in the paint. Then, take steps to repair whatever damage you find. When noticed right away, most wrought iron fence problems can be easily fixed.

5. Repair rust spots. If a small area of your fence has begun to rust, you can take steps to minimize the damage. Use a sandpaper or steel wool to remove the rust, then stop the corrosion by applying wax. Touching up your fence’s paint job can also minimize the appearance of rust. However, if your fence is severely rusted, you may need to call a company that specializes in repairing wrought iron fences.

6. Fix bent sections. It’s possible that an accident could bend a part of your wrought iron fence. If this happens to your fence, you may be able to fix it yourself. Use a blowtorch to heat the bent sections of the fence and then hammer them back into place. As always, use caution when working with tools and consider calling a professional fence repair company if the damage is severe.

Allied Gate is Phoenix’s wrought iron gate expert. To learn more, call 480-516-0275 or visit http://www.alliedgate.com.

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5 Ways to Protect Kids with a Pool Fence

A backyard pool is a great amenity, offering an easy way to relax and cool down on a hot summer day. But a pool can also be a safety hazard, especially if you have children. Sadly, drowning is the second-leading cause of death a month children under the age of 14, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and many of those drownings occur in residential swimming pools.

To keep your kids safe, invest in a pool fence.  Take a look at our fences at http://www.alliedgate.com/fencing. Installing a pool safety fence will reduce the likelihood of accidents; the CDC reports that completely isolating a pool with a fence leads to an 83% reduction in the risk of a child drowning. Consider the different things you can do to make sure that your fence protects your kids.

AGC_fence&railing (6)

1. Make sure your fence completely encloses the pool. When installing your pool fence, make sure it completely encloses the pool without cutting off access to other areas of the backyard. There should be no reason to open the pool fence gate unless you are accessing the pool itself.

2. Have a trained professional install your pool fence. A high-quality, expensive fence will do little to keep your family safe if it isn’t properly installed. When choosing a pool fence, look for a company that has extensive experience in pool fencing and comes with strong recommendations from other homeowners.

3. Keep doors and gates leading to the pool area locked. In addition to fencing, it’s also important to control who can access the pool area through gates and doors. Even small children can be adept at opening doors and gates, so make sure you have child-safety latches to keep children out of unsafe areas; self-closing and self-locking gates provide an additional layer of protection. You can also install an alarm to alert you if someone enters the pool enclosure.

AGC_fence&railing (8)

4. Maintain your pool fence. Just like anything else around your home, keeping your pool fence in good working order requires maintenance. Check frequently to see that gates still lock and close properly and that there are not gaps in the fence. If your fence is damaged, make repairs quickly. The company that installed your fence may also provide repair services.

5. Consider a temporary pool fence. If installing a permanent pool fence is not an option, consider installing a temporary swimming pool safety fence instead. This promotes safety and gives you peace of mind without installing permanent fencing. Temporary fences are also a good option if you do not have children in your home but occasionally host gatherings where children are present.

Allied Gate is a manufacturer of fences and gates. If you have any questions, please contact us at 480-516-0275 or visit the website http://www.alliedgate.com

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Secure Your Property with a Driveway or Entrance Gate

When it comes to protecting your home and your family, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Today, homeowners have a wide variety of options when it comes to home security, with everything from high-tech alarm systems to electric fences available. When creating your home security plan, don’t forget to secure the various points of entry to your property, including your entrance gate or driveway gate. Take a look at Allied Gate’s gates at http://www.alliedgate.com/irongates. To secure your property with a gate, take the following steps.

1. Install an entrance gate. If your property does not already have a driveway gate, now is the time to install one. Not only are gates attractive looking, they are also a key component of home security, since they keep unwanted people off your property entirely. In addition, security gates keep children and pets inside your property. As an added benefit, an entrance gate can increase your home’s value and while also earning you a discount on your homeowners insurance premiums.

2. Opt for an automatic gate opener. In the past, many driveway gates had to be opened manually which meant getting out of your car to both open and close the gate. Not only was this a hassle, it also presented a safety hazard, especially if the driver was alone or it was dark outside. Now, however, you can choose security gates that feature convenient automatic openers. In some cases, you may even be able to open your gate with your cell phone.

AGC_RV gate (1)

3. Choose your access options. Depending on the type of driveway gate you choose, you should have several access control options, including telephone entry, remote openers, key cards and key pads. Remember, if your gate can be opened using an access code, make sure that you do not use the gate’s default code. This default code could be the same for all gates of that type, so you should personalize your code for maximum security. In addition, consider changing the access code on a regular basis. You may also want to issue personalized access codes to each individual who will be using the gate.

4. Don’t forget about safety. Security gates are designed to protect you, but they can also be dangerous. Choose a gate that has features such as a motion sensor that detects obstructions and an easily accessible emergency release mechanism. Make sure your gate is correctly installed by a professional, and never let children play on or near automatic gates.

AGC_RV gate (3)

5. Consider additional security features. In addition to the driveway gate itself, you may want to add additional security features. CCTV cameras, driveway alarms, driveway lights and electronic watchdogs can all add another layer of protection and help deter criminals.

Allied Gate can help you choose the best security gate for your home in Phoenix. To learn more, call 480-516-0275 or visit http://www.alliedgate.com today. Allied Gate serves the Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Goodyear AZ surrounding areas. 

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5 Tips on Buying Entry Doors & Garden Fences

If you are considering a wrought iron entry door and/or garden fence for your Arizona home, design is obviously one important element: you want the door or fence to be beautiful. You also want to ensure that it fits in with the general aesthetic of your home and neighborhood. And finally, you want it to add an element of security to your home as well. Read these 5 tips to learn how to buy wrought iron entry doors and garden fences for your Arizona home.

1. Determine your budget. Before you start shopping for entry doors or garden fences for your home, you need to know how much you are willing to spend. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from no matter what your budget, but determining a target price point in advance will simplify your search. Calling a few wrought iron design experts like Allied Gate can help you get a sense of price ranges for different types of doors and fences.

2. Choose a style. Doors and fences will become part of your home, so you will want to make sure that you select something that you like and that fits with your home’s architectural style. Ornate wrought iron fences, for example, look great with Victorian-style homes, but may not be a good fit if your house has a more contemporary look.


3. Don’t forget the details. When it comes to entry doors, you have a number of options in terms of customization. You can add quality handles and locks, opt for decorative glass door panels (which may be frosted, leaded or beveled), or choose a door with detailed carvings. For your garden, you don’t have to settle for an institutional-looking chain link fence. Instead, look for stylish details that complement your yard and garden, such as a bamboo fence for an Asian-inspired yard. Or incorporate a trellis into your fencing to create a living “wall” that provides both privacy and a windbreak.

4. Choose the right material. Entry doors may be made of solid wood, wood composite, fiberglass, or steel, while security doors may be made of wrought iron or steel. The best material depends on your specific needs and desires. Wood doors are attractive, but they may not hold up well to the elements. A wood composite door could be affordable, but may not provide the security you need.

In terms of garden fences, be aware that some more decorative options may be made out of less-than-sturdy materials, such as plastic or plywood. Since there are so many options when it comes to entry doors and fences, it’s usually a good idea to consult with a door and fence expert, who can explain the pros and cons of your different options.

AGC_fence&railing (2)

5. Consider security. Entry doors do more than welcome visitors to your home. They also provide a critical layer of security. If security is a concern, choose an exterior security door made out of a material such as steel or wrought iron. Garden fences can protect your home and your family. If you want to keep intruders out or children or pets in, look for high fences that are hard to climb and install a secure, locking gate.

Allied Gate is your source for the best entry doors and garden fences in Phoenix and surrounding areas. To learn more, call 480-516-0275 or visit http://www.alliedgate.com

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Five Facts About Wrought Iron Security Bars

Wrought iron window bars can help make your home more secure, protecting both your family and your possessions. But many people are hesitant to install these bars, perhaps because they believe they are unattractive, unsafe, or too expensive. Below, get the facts about security bars for doors and windows so you can make an informed decision about installing them in your house. For more information about purchasing a window guard, please visit http://www.alliedgate.com/windowguards/

AGC_window guard (8)_with_border
1. Security bars do not have to be unattractive. Institutional-looking wrought iron windows bars are often associated with unsafe neighborhoods, and you may worry that installing them will make your home look like a prison. But homeowners now have many options when it comes to window security. Today, it’s possible to find attractive window bars that also secure your home, and with a wide range of styles available, you are sure to find an option that meets your needs.

2. Security bars are affordable. You may think securing your home’s doors and windows will be expensive. But window security guards and bars are available at a variety of price points, so you are likely to find something that fits with both your style and your budget.

3. Security bars are safe when properly installed. Perhaps you are concerned that security bars could make it difficult for you or your family to get out of the home in the event of a fire or other emergency. While there have been cases of security bars trapping people in their homes, when properly installed window security bars should not impede your exit from the house. To prevent a tragic accident, make sure you hire a professional to install the bars and that everyone in the home (including children) knows how to work the quick-release mechanism. Also, always check your local building codes before installing window guards; there may be laws that prohibit bars on bedroom windows, for example.

AGC_window guard (7)

4. Windows bars and guards keep children safe. While most people think of window security bars in terms of keeping people out of their house, window guards can also protect children in the home. According to Safe Kids USA, each year about eight children under the age of five die and 3,300 are injured because of falls from windows. Installing window guards on upper floors helps prevent these accidents.

5. Security bars really do prevent break-ins. Windows are an easy point of entry for intruders. Even if the window is locked, a determined burglar can break the glass or pry open the window. In addition to physically preventing entry to your home, bars visibly demonstrate that your home is secure, which should deter would-be burglars. Even if you don’t want windows guards on more prominent areas of your home, consider installing them on basement windows, which can be an easy point of access for criminals.

Allied Gate is your source for window security bars in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, mesa, Goodyear, Sun City West, Surprise, Peoria, Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, and Glendale Arizona areas. To learn more, call 480-516-0275 or visit http://www.alliedgate.com today.

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5 Facts to Know Before Buying a Storm Door or Screen Door

In addition to your home’s entrance door, you may also be considering purchasing a storm door or screen door (http://www.alliedgate.com/securitydoors/). These doors, which are installed in front of your home’s main exterior access door, have a number of advantages; including letting light and air into your home while keeping bugs and the elements out. But before you buy a screen or storm door, there are a few things you should know.

AGC_SD_cherry (30)

1. There are screen and storm doors for all climates. The best type of door for your home depends on where you live. If you are looking for a screen door in Scottsdale, you might be best served by a door that lets in light while also blocking heat. For those in colder climates, storm doors that are sturdy and can withstand harsh weather are important. You may also want to buy a door that allows you to replace the mesh or wire screen with insulated glass panels in the winter.

2. Screen and storm doors are available in a variety of styles and materials. Screen and storm doors may be made out of metal, wood, or fiberglass. The door may feature a full-length or half-length glass panel that can be replaced with a screen when needed, a retractable screen that rolls up into the door when not in use, or glass panels that can be moved to expose screens and provide ventilation.

AGC_SD_eleganté (3)

3. Screen and storm doors can make your home more secure. If you think all screen doors are made of thin, flimsy aluminum; think again. Today, you can buy a well-made screen door that also provides an additional layer of security for your home. If safety and security are a concern, look for a security door (http://www.alliedgate.com/securitydoors/) that is made of steel or iron and includes a high-quality deadbolt lock and laminated security glass.

4. You have options when it comes to screen material. When it comes to choosing screens for your door, you have a number of options: depending on your specific needs and budget. Generally, screens are made out of one of four materials:

  • Bronze. This is the most durable, but also the most expensive, screen option. If you choose a bronze scree, apply a coat of varnish every few years to help it last longer.
  • Galvanized steel. This material is strong and is unlikely to tear. However, galvanized steel screens are more prone to rust than some other screens. 
  • Fiberglass. If you are concerned about corrosion, consider fiberglass, which won’t rust. 
  • Aluminum. Aluminum screens are affordable, but they are most likely to corrode than some other materials and they are not as strong as steel screens. 

AGC_SD_lone palm (1)5. Storm and screen doors can be customized. There is no need to settle for a boring-looking screen door. Today, it is easy to find a screen door that complements the rest of your home. you can also purchase custom-made security doors if you want something that is truly unique.

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What Some Fencing Companies Won’t Tell You About Automatic Gates

What some fencing companies won’t tell you about how automatic electric gates work.
You may have a lot of options when it comes to buying electric gates for your home or business. But before making a decision about which automatic gates are best for you, you need to be fully informed. Unfortunately, not all fencing companies will tell you everything you need to know about automatic gates. Below are some key things you need to know before you make a decision about which gates to buy.

AGC_RV gate (4)

1. Automatic gates should be professionally installed. Some fencing companies may tell you that you can install an automatic gate yourself. While this may technically be true, it’s usually better to go with a company that offers professional installation. This helps ensure that the gate functions properly and reduces the risk of future accidents.

2. Automatic gates can be dangerous. Automatic gates are attractive, and they offer convenience and security for property owners. But automatic gates can also be dangerous. If you are installing an automatic gate on your property, make sure you take proper safety precautions, such as choosing a gate with motion detectors and automatic release mechanisms.

3. There are different types of automatic gates. Swinging gates are among the most common type of automatic gate. But depending on your property and your specific needs, another type of gate may be a better option. For example, if your driveway is on a slope, a sliding gate may make more sense. For tight space, you may need a lift gate.

AGC_RV gate (8)

4. Security involves more than electric gates. Automatic gates are one way to secure your home or business, but they aren’t the only – or even the most important – thing you can do. In addition to gates, consider using security cameras, access codes, security doors and electric fences to help keep unwanted visitors off your property.

5. Not all existing gates can be automated. Some fence and gate companies may tell you that they can modify existing gates to be automatic. While some gates can be automated, others cannot. A gate company will not be able to confidently tell you if they can automate your existing gate unless they perform an in-person inspection.

6. Not every gate company offers a maintenance plan. At some point, your electric gates are likely to need maintenance or repair. Unfortunately, not all gate and fencing companies offer repair services. Look for companies that offer warranty protection and maintenance plans.

7. You may need permission to install an automatic gate. Before you install an automatic gate on your property, it’s critical that you make sure that you have permission to do so. It’s always best to check with the homeowners or business owners association  review the deed of your property, and check with your local planning department, to make sure the gate is allowed before you invest time and money.

Allied Gate can help you choose the best security gate for your home or business in the Phoenix Metro Area.
Please call us, if you have any questions or concerns, at 480-516-0275 or visit our website at http://www.alliedgate.com

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