Why purchase a security screen door?

Security screen doors, which are installed in front of your home’s main door, have a number of advantages, including letting more light into your home, as well as allowing air flow, while keeping bugs and other unwanted critters out. But before you buy a screen or storm door, there are a few things you should know.

Security doors will make you home more secure. Each security door we build is constructed in a one piece frame, allowing for more stability and installed on your home with one-way bolts, discouraging intruders from attempting to remove the door. We weld on our hinges for a clean look, eliminating screws that can be removed for easy access into your home. And with a double cylinder lock, one that requires a key on both the inside and outside to lock/unlock the door, there is no threat of an intruder cutting the screen and unlocking your security door.

You have your choice of screen materials. All of our security doors come standard with charcoal bug screen, but you may be looking for a screen that lets in light while also blocking heat, and sunscreen is your best choice. It comes in several color choices, and is designed to block 80-90% of the sun’s heat. Sunscreen is also a good choice for additional privacy, diminishing interior visibility. If you have pets, and scratching or tearing the screen is a concern, we offer a perforated metal backing. Powder coated in your choice of colors, it can be installed in the bottom half of your security door*, or the entire door. Perforated metal is also another excellent layer of protection, while still allowing in light and air flow.

We offer a variety of styles. With over 130 different designs, in Ornate, Classic, Traditional, Modern and Southwest styles, you are sure to find the security door you’ve been dreaming of. And if you can’t find exactly what your looking for in our extensive catalog, we have an in-house designer who will work with you to achieve the unique design you desire.

We have several ways to buy. If you’re looking for more information and pricing on security doors, we offer free in-home estimates. Or if you’d like to see our products, we invite you to come visit our showroom and fabrication facility, where one of our qualified staff members can help you. And if you prefer to gather your information electronically, you can send some basic information via email, and one of our sales staff will reply with a bid. For all our contact information, click on the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page.

*On select security door styles only.

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