Enclosures – Just what are they?

AGC_enclosure (2)

Many homes have a court yard or entry way before their front door, and this is the perfect place to put in a custom enclosure.

Fabricated in nearly any design imaginable, and in a frame style to suit your needs, enclosures are a beautiful way to add that extra layer of security to your home.

AGC_enclosure (8)

It’s also a great way to keep unwanted solicitors away from your front door, as well as keeping small children or pets contained with-in eyesight and away from the street.

Fabricated using a 1-½” frame, 1″ X 2″ inner door frame and ½” pickets and design, enclosures are not only beautiful, but strong and secure.

If your front court yard is often used as a relaxing area for your family and friends to gather, then an enclosure is also great for added privacy, with composite boards, or a solid steel backing.

AGC_enclosure (12)

All enclosures are installed with a double cylinder lock, ensuring that once locked, no one is going to be able to go beyond that point. This extra layer of protection for your family and possessions is an invaluable peace of mind.

If an enclosure interests you and you would like more information, please call our Phoenix office to schedule a free in-home estimate at 480-516-0275.


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2 Responses to Enclosures – Just what are they?

  1. tony says:

    On top of looking great, they’re a very effective way of safeguarding you from home invasions and robberies.

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