Secure Your Property with a Driveway or Entrance Gate

When it comes to protecting your home and your family, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Today, homeowners have a wide variety of options when it comes to home security, with everything from high-tech alarm systems to electric fences available. When creating your home security plan, don’t forget to secure the various points of entry to your property, including your entrance gate or driveway gate. Take a look at Allied Gate’s gates at To secure your property with a gate, take the following steps.

1. Install an entrance gate. If your property does not already have a driveway gate, now is the time to install one. Not only are gates attractive looking, they are also a key component of home security, since they keep unwanted people off your property entirely. In addition, security gates keep children and pets inside your property. As an added benefit, an entrance gate can increase your home’s value and while also earning you a discount on your homeowners insurance premiums.

2. Opt for an automatic gate opener. In the past, many driveway gates had to be opened manually which meant getting out of your car to both open and close the gate. Not only was this a hassle, it also presented a safety hazard, especially if the driver was alone or it was dark outside. Now, however, you can choose security gates that feature convenient automatic openers. In some cases, you may even be able to open your gate with your cell phone.

AGC_RV gate (1)

3. Choose your access options. Depending on the type of driveway gate you choose, you should have several access control options, including telephone entry, remote openers, key cards and key pads. Remember, if your gate can be opened using an access code, make sure that you do not use the gate’s default code. This default code could be the same for all gates of that type, so you should personalize your code for maximum security. In addition, consider changing the access code on a regular basis. You may also want to issue personalized access codes to each individual who will be using the gate.

4. Don’t forget about safety. Security gates are designed to protect you, but they can also be dangerous. Choose a gate that has features such as a motion sensor that detects obstructions and an easily accessible emergency release mechanism. Make sure your gate is correctly installed by a professional, and never let children play on or near automatic gates.

AGC_RV gate (3)

5. Consider additional security features. In addition to the driveway gate itself, you may want to add additional security features. CCTV cameras, driveway alarms, driveway lights and electronic watchdogs can all add another layer of protection and help deter criminals.

Allied Gate can help you choose the best security gate for your home in Phoenix. To learn more, call 480-516-0275 or visit today. Allied Gate serves the Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Goodyear AZ surrounding areas. 


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4 Responses to Secure Your Property with a Driveway or Entrance Gate

  1. It’s most important of security reason to install electric driveway or entrance Gate. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eric Shun says:

    I like that opening of the gate using the cell phone. It is really hassle free and you can impress your guests with your automated gate…..

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